November 24th, 2011

Living on Minimum Wage

A Budgeting Book for the Rest of Us

The mod encourage me to post here, so not random advertising.  Living Single on Minimum Wage is available now through, and other Ingram book store partners.  Because this is a book for low income single by low income singles, we're asking for help to get into libraries where it will be freely available to those is a hard financial place.  If you would like to see this book in your public library, please contact your local library and tell them you would like to see it there.  The ISBN and other info is on the Amazon listing.

Libraries are a fantastic resource for job seekers or people looking to improve their work place/careers.  While we cover BASIC job skills in our book, there are whole books on everything from finding a job to writing a better resume to dealing with conflict in the work place.  And many libraries provide these free to the public.

Something to think about: The work place shifting.  The recession cost us jobs in some areas, but there are others hurting for workers.  We need psychologists, medical specialists, skilled tradesmen like plumber and electricians, tighter restrictions on illegal aliens mean a lot of harvests are short handed for workers.  The green movement is gaining strength as it's economic benefits become more obvious, so there's a lot of potential for growth in green industries.

Best of luck to everyone.
morrissey - england

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey, happy holiday, folks!

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elven glare

hi/ mod question

I popped my head over after seeing the link on another comm. Just wondering if the mods could let me know if this is a suitable comm for me - I am UK based, do a lot of work both in formal and informal/ community education, and with a non-profit theatre company that regularly offers skills building and references to those who have completed projects to help them jobhunting since even before the current crisis, we were in an economic blackspot.